The Ormond Aircraft Tug

The saga of the tug began with Roscoe's daily browsing of His curiosity was aroused by an add for a 1947 Baggage Tow Tractor, manufactured by the Tug Co. which was in need of restoration. A quick phone call to the owner in Georgia revealed that it had started life towing baggage for Delta, had been acquired by this gentleman's father and, after some off airport assignments, including we suspect, serving as the base for a hunting stand, was passed down to him.

He intended to fully restore it but ran out of time when his wife reclaimed her car's space in the garage.

After some discussion it was agreed that the tug would not be restored to it's original Delta livery, but it would be put back in working order and once again earn an honest living on an airport.

The tug was transported to OAB where it sat for a few months while the normal head scratching, scrounging parts, etc. etc. took place. Then the restoration began.

The engine, a 1947 Chrysler flathead, straight six, was coaxed into running, but it didn't run too long before the bearings expressed their desire for replacement. After the fuel tank and lines were cleaned / replaced and the starter overhauled, the engine seems content on it's diet of 100LL.

The steering was very loose so new kingpins were machined. The brakes, brake lines, cylinders etc were overhauled / replaced. The radiator was overhauled. A new seat was made and a new steering wheel adapted. Then it was sheet metal and paint work (checkerboard, of course.)

Following are a few progress photos. Enjoy.