The P-51

In a previous life Roscoe spent many years in the automotive industry. When he decided to retire, and start Ormond Aircraft Brokers, one of his collegues came up with the perfect retirement gift, an hour's flight time in a completely restored P-51. After years of hearing his Dad's P-51 flying stories from World War II, Roscoe couldn't wait to finally get into the cockpit himself. So last March it was off to Kissimmee, FL to Stallion 51's Mustang Flight Ops. to spend an hour with an instructor in their dual cockpit TF-51 Mustang, "Crazy Horse." (For more information about their excellent operation click here

After a thorough briefing it was up and away. We've been trying to get the grin off his face ever since. Below are a few short video clips:

PS. If you happen to be negotiating with Roscoe, nothing will get you on his good side faster that asking him about his P-51 landing!

Aileron Rolls


Cuban Eights