Embry-Riddle's Half-A-Wing

A few miles down the road, Embry-Riddle's Daytona Beach campus is busily preparing about 5,000 students for careers in aviation and space. One of those degree programs, Aviation Maintainence Science, has a track including aircraft fabric covering, which also happens to be one of our favorite subjects. When we heard they were looking for a teaching aid to illustrate covering a wing with fabric, we scrounged up half a wing and went to work. Following are some pictures we took along the way:

Roscoe with the finished product


Taping the ribs
Ribs ready for covering
Cutting the fabric
Gluing the edges
Unshrunk fabric
Shrinking the fabric
Taping the edges
Bias edge tape
Rib Stitching
Side view of rib stitches
Top view of rib stitches
One coat of "pink"
Imperfections must be sanded out
Two coats of "pink"
Three coats of "pink"
Tape over ribs
Two coats of silver
Three coats of silver
Underwing inspection holes
Underwing drain
First finish coat
Final finish coat
Finished display
Finished display